Monday, January 26, 2015

Hummer Fixed??

As I previously mentioned my 07’ Hummer H3 has been having some idle issues.  When the rig is cold the idle stutters and stumbles usually turning on the check engine light.  This increases as it warms up but then once it gets to full running temperature the problem stops completely and it runs normally.

Looking at forums I was really concerned the problems were due to a bad head.  Apparently the 3.7 L engines have real problems with the head.  In fact speaking to the previous owner he already had the head replaced once under warranty.  But rather than freak out I decided to start simple and go step by step.

I bought a code reader to figure out exactly why the check engine light was on.  It said the code was P0305 which was reporting a misfire on cylinder 5.  So to begin I decided to pull the spark plug on cylinder 5 and see how it looked.  I pulled the ignition coil  and got a wrench on the plug but it would not budge.  I got a bigger wrench and tried again but no dice, it would not move.  I was a little afraid I would break it off and then I’d be hosed.

Instead I thought I’d just switch the ignition coil from number 5 with the one on 4.  If the error moved to cylinder 4 then I would know it was the ignition coil causing the problem.  But to my surprise after the switch the problem disappeared.  No stumbling, no check engine light, nothing but a smooth running engine. 

I’m a little baffled by this but I’m not going to complain.  As long as it’s happy then I’m happy.  I’ll take what I can get.

Monday, January 12, 2015

As Speculated Ford Reveals the GT350R

Ford folks denied that there was going to be an R version of the recently announced Mustang GT350 but today it was revealed.  So basically it means everyone that was planning to get a GT350 is not planning to get a GT350R.  Why not just make the GT350 with the R parts and just call it the GT350?  Because this goes to 11.  :P

Absolutely Gorgeous But a V6???

So net years Ford GT was announced today.  Styling is perfect but an ecoboost V6?  What a let down.  Sure it's a still a 600 hp twin turbo but they'll never make it sound like a V8.  Can't afford one either way so it's still pretty to look at.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hummer Problems

Last night driving home it was -5F and then Hummer seemed fine.  Then suddenly on the highway it started losing power drastically.  Looking down at the dash it had the check engine light, traction control light, and said, “stability system failure.  Reduced power” just like this video (  I hobbled into a gas station and shut it off for a bit then started it again.  Just like before it had a rough burbling idle so I shut it off and popped the hood.

I checked the oil because the last time I got the oil changed it was suspiciously low but it was fine.  Then looked for anything strange but again nothing.  Then went into the station to get a warm coffee.  When I returned I started it again and it was running smooth.  All lights and messages were off with the exception of the engine light so I drove on home.  Starting it and driving to work this morning was also without incident.

Looking online there seems to be a huge pile of reasons for that message.  Maybe I could just chalk it up to the extreme temperatures?  What I don’t understand is what the heck the stability system has to do with the engine’s power??  Why would it reduce the power? Dangerous thing to happen on the highway in extreme conditions.