Sunday, June 26, 2011

Imperial Speedster

In a past issue of Hot Rod mag I saw a car that blew me away.  This project was designed by Murray Pfaff and Pfaff Designs.  They started with a boat of a car, the 1959 Chrysler Imperial Crown Custom and after a mind blowing amount of chopping and fitting reduced it into a little two seat speedster.  They also fitted it with a modern 6.1 Hemi and the dash cluster out of a 1960 Imperial.  I jumped online to find out more info and photos of the car and project so here they are.

I've added some links to the project sites with piles of info on the build process.  This incredible undertaking and equally incredible results is definitely worth a look.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Added a Tower Strut to the Mustang

Ordered a tower strut from a company called Agent 47.  Weird name but the product looks pretty good and best of all it clears the factory plenum cover.  Install went super fast and super easy however I over torqued one bolt and twisted it off.  Not sure if it's really a big deal or not.  I just paid for an alignment so I'd have to tear it all apart to fix that bolt and then have to get it aligned again.  I took it out for a spin anyway and it may have been my imagination but it did feel much tighter in the turns.

I also bought a DRL (daytime running lights) module because I'm moving to Canada and they require them.  I tried to go through the proper channels and went to my Ford dealer to have them turn them on in the computer but they said it requires a registration number from Canada before they can do it.  I thought this was a ridiculous process to go through so I just bought the aftermarket module for $38 and will do it myself.  F U Canada and FU Ford.