Thursday, January 12, 2017

The New 2018 Dodge What??

UPDATE: Did Dodge take down the teaser video??

So Dodge put out a teaser video for a new Challenger model.  The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon?  Huh? But the Dodge Demon and the Dodge Challenger are separate cars?? It’s like calling a car Dodge Charger Challenger SRT R/T Demon Duster Hellcat Ram.  So from the extremely lame video it shows presumably a Hellcat drinking racing fuel and becoming a Demon?

I'm sorry Dodge but you lost me.  Are you saying it will be a track only car since it's drinking racing fuel?  Are you saying this is a Dodge racing car you'll be using in race events?  I can't imagine you're saying it's a model above the Hellcat because nobody needed 707 hp so why would they need even more??
1971 Dodge Demon

To be clear the Dodge Demon came out in 1971 and was originally like a faster version of the Dart so it was kind of a Dart Demon much like the Duster was a variant of the Valiant which is why 1970 Dusters say Valiant and Duster on them.  In no way was the Demon any relation to the Challenger.  The Demon was what they called an A-body car and Challenger was an E-body car.  I own a Duster 340 and I admit the Demon is a cooler variant but frankly they are the same cars.

However as we've seen in the past Dodge has no respect for it's heritage and will slap any logo on anything which is how we end up with a Caravan R/T.  So the fact that they screw their names up even more doesn't surprise me.  What does surprise me is that they feel they need a more powerful car over the Hellcat.  I guess the Hellcat was the biggest buzz they've had in awhile and want to repeat it but who know's what they heck it's gonna be.  Hellcat is supposed to be the code name for the engine so maybe they are saying a new hot engine to replace the Hellcat? As you can see below the logo is clearly a variation of the Hellcat logo.

The coolest thing that could happen with this (but won't) would be if they somehow dropped the Hellcat engine into one of the new Darts and called it a Demon.  That would follow heritage at least but would be an insane monster car.