Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A REALLY cool Mazda RX3

This thing is just oozing style.  I don't even like Mazda or rotary engines but this one would make anyone jealous.

Monday, August 17, 2015

UPDATE: Hummer Windshield Fixed. INSANE!

So the Hummer's windshield is repaired.  No, not by Lancer Insurance representing the trucking company that smashed it. They refused to pay claiming the rubber wheel block that fell from their truck could have fallen from any truck.  Yeah and then their driver pulls over for no reason and gives me his insurance paperwork for no reason.  WTF??  How do they get away with this shit??!?  So anyway we had a choice to either go through my insurance or just pay for the damn thing.

The estimate from the local auto body was a wallet shattering $2292.62.... for a windshield!  Here is how they itemized it...

My deductible was $500 so there was no way I was going to pay $2000+ out of pocket and we certainly didn't want to risk an insurance hike.  My girlfriend however suggested going to small time mechanic that she used back when she had problems.  I agreed to give them a shot.  They claimed they could do it for $300.  What??  $2000+ VS $300???  How is that possible?  But I thought I'd give it a try.  Sure enough I got the Hummer back with a repaired windshield but it ended up costing $320 rather than the $300 they quoted. LOL  I gave them $340 with a small tip.

Driving back I was fairly shocked.  How could there be a difference of $1972??  What an insane price gouge!  I really don't know what to make of it.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Mustang is Out of Commission CRASH!!

UPDATE: It was ruled that the accident was the other guy's fault so I don't even have to pay my deductible!  At least something positive came from it.

So last Thursday August 6th at about 8PM I made a bad decision.  I was driving east on Davis Drive on my way to Best Buy.  So I was going to turn left on Yonge Street.  Before at the previous street light a white Kia Forte pulled ahead of me.  He was driving rather erratic like he was lost and braked hard when the light changed to yellow at Eagle St. making the tires squeal.  When the light was green I proceeded behind him as we approached the Yonge and Davis intersection.  We both entered the left turn lane and the light turned yellow.  I thought we could have totally gotten through the light but he again braked hard and stopped.  I told my girlfriend this guy seems lost.

The light eventually turned green for left only and he very slowly creeped out into the intersection.  He pulled further and further out without even turning.  I thought what is this guy doing?  He drove way out into the far lane and slightly turned right which I thought meant he decided to go straight so I proceeded to make my left turn.  What he did however was to make a big loop back towards the left lane on Yonge where he should have originally turned into.  Unfortunately my Mustang was there and he smashed into my right wheel and the front of his car dragged down the entirety of right side.  I pulled over made sure my girlfriend was okay and looked at the damage.

Here is the actual location with description
Then I walked over to his car.  Turns out it was a young kid about 19 with a carload of his friends in his parent's car.  I asked if everyone was alright and they said yes.  The entire front fascia was gone from his car and it was leaking fluids.  I asked him, “What was going on man?” He said, “I didn't know where to go.”  I said, “You moved like you were going straight so I went ahead and turned.” To which he replied, “Well my turning signal was on.”  I said, “You weren't turning,”  Again he said, “I didn't know where to go.”  Sigh…

Here is his damage

While we were sitting there waiting for the cops to come a real vulture tow guy came over.  He was trying hard to get me to agree to tow my car to his shop.  Damn, if someone had died the body wouldn't even been cold yet.  He was saying, "I'll tow you for free.  I know all the good part deals."  Blah blah blah.  Sure you'll tow me for free and then charge me for everyday it sits in your tow yard.  Buzz off.

Any way the cops were called and they looked over the situation.  They decided to issue no tickets saying we were both at fault.  He should have turned and I should have sat there and waited for him to figure himself out.  I guess seeing the results you can't argue with that logic.  After it was all sorted I super slowly hobbled my car home and parked it in the garage awaiting judgement.  The wheel was rubbing but it would move and we didn't live but a few blocks away.

As if this experience wasn't bad enough when I made the claim with my insurance company I got another surprise.  Apparently my agent didn't switch my policy over to full coverage May 1st like I asked her to.  So I was driving around under comprehensive insurance only.  What the hell??  At first they were not willing to cover the damage to my car but I sent them proof of my request to have it switched so now they agreed.  So Friday I go get an estimate and see if they will cover it or call the car a total loss.  Wish me luck.

As I mentioned the entire side was raked by his car and the impact bent my front right wheel to the degree it rubs the shock.  Here are some depressing pics of the damage.  I hope they don't total it out.  That was suck!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ford Releases the GT350 Configurators

As I've said in the past I'm not sold on the look of the new Mustang.  However there is something about the GT350 that works despite the design.  It looks more aggressive than the base GT and in fact is.  So if you want to go tweak your dreams Ford added the GT350 the the Mustang config tool.  I've added my favorite below.  What is yours?