Thursday, June 23, 2016

2014 GT500 Miles Per Gallon

When I picked up the GT500 I was cycling through the car's menus and I found fuel economy.  This was something I didn't give a crap about, because who buys a 662 HP car for the gas mileage?  Well the menu said 9.5 miles per gallon.  I thought what the???

I guess when a car like that is at a dealership the salesmen probably take it out and beat it.  It's hard to avoid that.  So I reset the number and continued on my way.  After a few weeks of driving two or three days per weeks I went back and looked at the number.  It was 12.5 miles per gallon and I was driving nice.  I was still getting to know this monster so I was "grandpa driving" everywhere.  12.5?  Geez.  I think that is worse than my Hummer.  Ouch

The car has a 16 gallon tank and when it's really low it takes not quite $60 CAD ($47 US) to fill it up with the highest octane.  So basically I can drive to work and back twice, then I need a refill.  The 07' Mustang GT could go almost a full week with its 4.6L V8.

This week was all sun so I could have driven it every day.  But I took a few days off and drive my eco Hummer just to give my wallet a break.  lol

2018 Ford Focus RS500 / The Grass is Always Greener

If you read my blog at all you know that last year I was going bonkers trying to get rid of my 07' Mustang GT and get anything with more power.  I was looking at GT500s, the new Mustang GT350s, Lotus, even old Panteras. But I settled on a 2014 GT500 Shelby Cobra.

I know they say the grass is always greener on the other side but almost immediately after finalizing the purchase I had buyer's remorse.  I wanted a badass monster and I got it but my gut was telling me, "You shouldn't do this."  What my gut said was trade in the Mustang GT and the Hummer H3 for a Ford Focus RS.  With all wheel drive it could be a fun everyday car that would be easier on gas and have lower monthly payments.  But no, I went for the beast that takes all the money and gas I can afford to shovel into it.

Now like with the Mustang GT350R Ford ups the options with the 2018 Focus RS500.  With an estimated 380hp it will be one mean little hatchback as the video below shows.

Now I'm not an asshole, I know I have a great car and I appreciate and respect it.  But now that the new wore off and my budget stabilized I really think I made the wrong choice.  So trade it you say?  Well the loan on the GT500 can be paid off at any time but that is of course including interest.  Right now the full loan is higher than the car's value.  Maybe once things level off it would be possible but not any time soon.  Live and learn I guess.  Next time listen to my gut more.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Isn't This Illegal Toronto?

This area is part of my daily commute and every day I see people making this turn at the intersection of Dupont St. and Dundas St. W in Toronto.  Some people even demand it and honk if you don't accommodate them.  I have even seen police making this turn many times.

My understanding is you never cross a solid yellow line.  Is this not correct??

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Warning Letter From Ontario

So last week I received a letter from Ontario saying, "If you get another speeding ticket you could lose your license." I thought WHAT??  They listed my tickets and I got one speeding ticket in 2015 and then recently I got one ticket in 2016.  So just two tickets and they say I could lose my license??

Technically they said I COULD lose my license. They said each ticket is 3 points, after 9 points I could be asked to attend a review which would cost me $50 (another Ontario money grab) and they could take my license.  Then after 15 points I would lose my license without question.  So if we sift though all the scare tactics in their letter what they are really saying is that after 5 tickets I will lose my license.

They also reminded me that tickets usually lead to an increase in insurance premiums but I cleverly have removed that problem from the equation by using a US insurance company.  Fortunately Canada and the US don't talk.  So issues that happen in Canada aren't seen by my US insurance.  These keeps me immune to this problem.

Ironically both tickets were while I was driving my Hummer.  I had the bright orange Mustang GT, and now the insanely fast Shelby GT500 but I get my speeding tickets in the 5500 lb Hummer with a 5-cylinder.  I guess I must just be paying less attention when I'm just commuting to work and back.  Plus I keep a radar detector in my fast car which I do use occasionally and I have nothing in the Hummer.

Anyway, each ticket stays on your record for two years so February of next year one will be gone.  I really need to locate some place to have some fun with speed without the risk of a ticket.  Of course there are tracks but rarely do you get to have the track to yourself.  I'd feel much better getting to know my 662 hp monster if there was not risk of hitting others.  Wish me luck.