Monday, November 27, 2017

Okay Winter, Now I'm Ready

Things are certainly cooling off here in Canada.  So with that I reluctantly put away the Shelby this weekend which consists of jacking up the the car and putting jackstands under all four corners.  Every year I dread doing this because of my small one stall garage doesn’t allow much wiggle room, so I don’t feel very safe.  I can’t get to the right side of the car which makes the front passenger side a sketch procedure.  I have to get under the car to do it.  Scares the crap outa me.  But now it’s up and safe from the winter salt and bad drivers.

To also combat the winter issues my wonderful girlfriend bought me an early Xmas gift.  She ordered me some WeatherTech floor mats for the Focus RS.  They have a perfect fit and she even picked up the cargo mat for the back.  So now I have the electronic rust protection, the clear film on the nose, and some WeatherTech mats to keep the winter woes at bay.  So even though I’m driving the RS daily I think I’ve done as much as I can do to protect it.  Now if I can just keep the bad drivers away.