Friday, June 30, 2017

Weird Webcam Experience

While recording a new episode of The Daily Drive I had a strange experience with my SJCAM camera SJ5000.  I made a video explaining the situation but I can't figure it out.  Maybe you know?  Two independent cameras do the same thing together without being linked in any way.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough footage for a Daily Drive episode so I'll need to try again.  We'll see if the issue repeats.  I think we all know what caused it though....

Sunday, June 25, 2017

2016 Ford Stampede Photos Found!

Last year my girlfriend and I spend a day at the Ford Stampede car show shooting over 300 photos.  But we lost them or we thought.  The micro SD card was reading corrupted so we figured they were gone.  Oddly she bought a Macbook to edit photos on and it read the card!

It was a cloudy day which sucked a bit but the rain held off and we got some great shots.  We post the majority of car show photos over on American Motoring's Instagram page at but here's a few shots to maybe tempt you to follow us.

There was a huge turn out as you can see.

Of course I couldn't leave out a shot of my Shelby.  Didn't win anything but that really wasn't why I went and some people really liked the car.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

She Thinks I Ordered More Car Parts

A few days ago while I was at work I got a message from my girlfriend Julia telling me that I had received a box from Ford Performance.  I hadn't ordered anything so I was a little confused.  But Julia was more confused.  You see just a few day prior I have paid about $600 on window tinting and protective film for the nose of the RS.  So he was a little upset that I had obviously spent more money.  But I hadn't.

To prove to her I told her I wanted to do an unboxing video to see what's in the box.  I had a pretty good idea what it was but why not make it into a production.  Check out the video below.

So as I expected it turned out to be the RS Owner's kit from Ford.  Frankly I didn't expect to get this because I was under the assumption that the owners kit only went to first year model owners but I guess not.  As I explain in the video I find this all a little confusing.  I bought the RS as a daily driver.  The special car is my Shelby GT500 that lives in the garage but it never came with any Owner's Kit. Also the Ford is cancelling production of the Focus RS in 2018 so there will be only 3 years of RS in North America.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm pampering the wrong car.
Anyway the kit was pretty cool.  Came with a bunch of nice documentation including a glossy with my car's VIN.  It came with a Blu ray about what makes the RS special, and also a weird gearshift knob trophy plaque thing. I was a little disappointed with that.  I mean what the hell do you do with that?  I was hoping it was instead a die cast Focus RS.  Overall it was really nice to get it and also nice to show Julia that I didn't order more parts.  One argument won at least.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New Thrustmaster Wheel for Only $800?!?!

One of the first articles I wrote on this blog back when it was called, "Unhealthy Obsession" was one about video game wheels.  I've got a very old Thrustmaster wheel at home but I'd love to get an updated one for more modern racers like the new Dirt 4.  So it was cool to see Thrustmaster's new offering. However $800?!?  Do you know what $800 could buy for my actual car??

 I'm not going to rewrite the article.  Instead you can read it.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The RS is Now Tinted and Protected

Today I dropped the Focus off at D-Works Tinting and Auto Detailing to have the clear protective film added to the front.  While I was there Mike fairly easily talked me into getting the windows tinted too.  I've been thinking of getting that done so I took the plunge with a fairly dark tint.  I said, "I want it dark but I don't want the cops harassing me about it."  The one he suggested was what he described as the most popular.  I think it looks pretty bad ass.

I really should have taken it to get the protective film added much sooner because there are already several spots that had chips.  Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done about it and the film kind of accentuates them.  But hopefully future ones will be harmlessly deflected away.

The Focus looks so tough with that dark tint I'd really like to get it done to the Shelby as well but I think this concludes my car additions for the summer.

Thanks to D-Works for the great job. Check out the link to see some other examples of their work.
 D-Works Auto Tint and Detailing

Blue Bubble RS Lettering

Bought some blue RS lettering from DMB Graphics in UK.  They are just a little dress up  for areas of the Focus that have the RS logo but it isn't colored.  I got the ones for the rear spoiler which was just gray embossed.  I think the dash of color looks pretty good and matches the blue of the brake calipers. The two in the engine compartment just tie it all together really well.  For about $32 including shipping I don't think that's too bad.

I created a quick little install video just for kicks.  Please check it out.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Episode 2 of the Daily Drive is Live

Just posted episode 2 of the Daily Drive.  This time I'm in Iowa driving the Ford Focus RS.  I talk briefly about Farcry 5, the Focus RS, and show you around my hometown.  I buzz the RS around a few local turns but nothing too crazy.

I feel the vlog is getting better but still has a long way to go.  Added a little music this time and made it shorter.  Still struggling with audio quality using the SJCAM 5000 cameras.  Apparently they have no external microphone port.  UGH!  So I've been bumping the sound in Premier but I need to get this problem sorted out.

Still I feel it's a nice, casual drive around the tiny town of Belle Plaine, IA. where I grew up.  Next episode of Daily Drive I'll be back in Canada on my actual drive to work in Toronto.

I hope you enjoy.