Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cobra's Do Hibernate

This week Ontario already started spreading salt on the roads so that means it's time for the Cobra to go to sleep for the winter.  Today it was in the low 60s so it was possibly the last day to do outdoor activities without freezing your ass off.  As well as taking down the backyard gazebo and hammock I took the opportunity to put the Cobra into hibernation.

I wanted to get the tires off the ground so they don't get flat spots over the following months.  My garage is tiny as hell so jacking up the car high enough to get jack stands under it was some sketchy shit.  Eventually I got all four tires off the ground and the car is solid without crushing myself.

Next I hooked up a trickle charger.  Normally with my previous cars I would just disconnect the battery for the winter but then you have a whole procedure you need to go through to reset the idle in the summer and I'd rather not do that with the Cobra.  So instead I chose what I hope to be a reliable charger from Canadian tire.  Supposedly you connect it and sort of forget it.  It's supposed to be intelligent enough to know when to battery needs topped off and when it doesn't so it only does what it needed.  The idea of that makes me nervous though.  I don't really want to leave it unattended for weeks in the garage.  So I got it all ready but I'm not going to plug it in for a week or two.  Maybe I'll even just let it run for a bit instead of connecting the charger and only use it when I return to the States for the holidays.

Lastly I put the cover on.  I've never had one before but it came with the car so I might as well use it.  I'm not sure if it's weather proof or not but it's in the garage so I'm sure it will be fine.  Over all it kind of sucks to have to put it away but when everyone is sliding around and cars are caked with salt in the following months I'll be glad it's safe and covered in the garage.  Usually it'll stay there until late April depending on the weather.

Now my attention turns to the Hummer.  It's been acting really damn strange lately and I have some serious concerns regarding it getting me through the winter.  Unlike my Mustang GT I can't really get out the Cobra and drive it of the Hummer was to break down.  So I really need the Hummer to be there for me.  I was thinking of taking it into the shop Monday to see if they can diagnose the issue.  Fingers crossed it won't cost me yet another $2000.  I've already dumped $4000 into it this summer getting it ready for winter.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The New 2018?? GT500

The word on the street is that the 2017 or 2018 or whatever year GT500 is going to rival the Dodge Challenger Hellcat's horsepower numbers. (Link Here) So that means 700+ horsepower.

Let me start by being totally honest.  Since I own a 2014 GT500 which was the last year for the GT500, I really don't want there to ever be a new one.  Nor do I wish any future Fords to exceed the 662 factory horsepower numbers my car makes.  It just bugs the hell out of me when you buy something special and then there is a new something special the next year.  If you don't believe me just ask the 2012 GT500 owners.  They bought a brand new monster just to have it quickly be overshadowed by an even bigger monster in 2013.  It infuriates me.

So that all being said I will say I understand why Ford is making it...sort of.  When Dodge finally decided to join the big boys and make a road beast they were the "talk of the town."  Everyone was going on and on about the Hellcats.  Hellcat was all you heard in auto media and even I got caught up in it. I was calling Dodge dealers trying to get one before I realized I didn't need it.  So or course Ford wants to bring back its brute GT500 to get some of that media hype and show they can make another blunt instrument to be feared.  I get it....

However as an owner of a GT500 I can honestly say the last thing it needs is more horsepower.  It needs better brakes, better tires, better suspension, better horsepower it doesn't need.  But people feel the new platform will bring these things that the old GT500 lacked.  Everyone wants to see what the new Mustang chassis with the limited slip diff will do with 700+ horsepower.  The dream would be a car that handles like a GT350 but with the boosted grunt of the GT500.  The rumors are that it will use the same engine block as the GT350 Voodoo but with boost, so there shouldn't be a huge weight gain.  This then begs the question, "Why not just boost a GT350?"  In other words keep it a GT350 but boost it.  I don't know.  Previous GT500s used different engine than the GTs but I guess because it's the "biggest" it gets the GT500 name, but then it's using the same engine only boosted....  Blah, blah, blah.

I personally don't see the need for a new GT500.  Talking from experience there are few times you can actually have fun with all that power.  In a big city like Toronto, traffic is constantly in the way.  But you say, "The power is for the track stupid, not the street." Okay smart guy then why does someone buy a GT350R? "Well because it's an awesome track car."  Then why would you buy a GT500?  You see, it's kind of an endless question and the answer is a new GT500 is not really needed other than because they want to do it.  Perhaps you can argue it's for the drag strip but in reality they exist to make cars and coffee crash videos.

So no I don't want to see a new GT500.  I'm sure it's just because I don't want another factory GT500 on the road boasting more horsepower.  My car was kind of legendary for being the last big horsepower car from Shelby before Carroll Shelby passed away and the last of the GT500s.  I would love to keep it that way.  Of course what will happen will happen and eventually I'm going to have to go back to my old problem of do I add more power to my car or get rid of it.  With electric cars moving into the spotlight of what's considered fast perhaps all these petrol brutes will soon be the joke at a stoplight.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Dodge Power Wagon

Through the years Dodge has called some of its trucks Power Wagons.  Kind of a weird name if you think about it.  However for me personally I find these things gorgeous.  Every time I see a restored Power Wagon I drool and it seems the older they are they more I like them.  I've gathered a few shots of some of my favorites.

Dodge has attempted to create a few Power Wagon concepts over the years and slapped the Power Wagon name on a few Dodge Rams but it's never really taken off so far.

So what's sparked my sudden interest in offroad?  Well it's getting colder and my attention has turned to my Hummer.  Also Throttlextreme just posted a nice article on a Power Wagon resto.  You can check that out here... There was even a company that made a 6x6 restomod that they allowed Jay Leno to drive.  Pretty cool and worth a look.

My Drive To Work Has Become More Colorful Lately

Driving to work with the old Hummer.  This road is always pretty but it's gotten ridiculously beautiful.  The video really doesn't do it justice.

Monday, October 17, 2016

H3 LS Conversion Would Be Nice

The weather is getting colder so the GT500 has been spending more and more time in the garage.  Soon it will be put away for the winter and I'll be back to driving the Hummer full time.

So far this summer I have dropped about $4000 into the Hummer.  I had to get all new rotors and pads.  It has had a seal leak fixed.  It has had the thermostat replaced and numerous emissions issues fixed.  It also got it's GM recall taken care of so it won't go up in flames.

Things remaining are an exhaust leak that it has had since I got it.  Also there is an annoying tinny rattle that happens every time I let up on the gas.  It sounds like a loose heat shield but damn if I can find it.  It's also getting to be time for a new set up tires but I don't think any of this is happening this year.  I think $4000 is enough expense for this year.

I like my H3, I think it looks pretty badass but since I've been driving it more often I find that 3.7L 5-cylinder is a crap engine.  It claims to make 242 hp which doesn't sound bad but I can hardly keep up with traffic.  Also the 3.7 is pretty notorious for having head issues which the previous owner of my H3 already had replaced once.  The LS is a pretty bullet proof engine I hear.  I wonder if anyone has attempted an H3 LS conversion?  Then you get reliability and more power.

A quick Google search got me this video.  This guy went with an LS3 and a "hot" cam which is a bit more than what I was thinking.  I don't care about 0-60 times in a Hummer, I just want a bit more power so I can pull onto the highway without stressing.  No idea what this conversion costs but just the LS3 crate engine is about $8000 US.  So I'm not really sure there is a value there.  Once it's all in and all the modifications are made would it really be worth it??

Like I said I really like my H3, not just because I feel it looks tough but they don't make them anymore and I always love to own something that is no longer coming out with a bigger and better next generation.  I'm on the fence if this would really be worth doing in the future.  My 3.7L is super high miles so maybe this winter it will make the choice for me and die.  I sure hope not, I'd rather it be voluntary.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Small Spaces

Over this winter I'd certainly like to come up with a plan to make this small space useful for tinkering on vehicles.  I'm certain there must be some magic way to make the most of it.  Id you have any suggestions please let me know.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

2020 Ford Bronco Rumors

There has been a lot of hype over the Ford Bronco concepts that have been floating around.  I have to admit seeing them does make me consider trading in the old Hummer.  The word now is that it is officially coming back according to AutoBlog (Link).  There hasn't been any word on what the power plant will be or even what it for sure looks like.  Here are some of the recent renders floating around.  Obviously they are just color swaps of the same render but I like the dark one personally.  Something about a white Bronco just doesn't sit well with me.  Can't put my finger on the reason why.  LOL

The rumors of the Bronco's return isn't a new thing.  A few years ago there was another concept of what the Bronco could be.  Back in 2004 Ford was flashing this concept around and personally I'm pretty happy it never hit production.

So why all the fuss?  Really it's just a less practical SUV with just two doors and less seating.  Well the reason is because people remember the original and see immaculately restored examples like the one below and realize it's just cool.  For me I really like my H3, it's rugged. capable, and unique so I'll be holding on to it for quite some time.  But DAMN! Doesn't the restored one below just make all the concepts look like crap?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Check This Out

Of course I'm a little bias but today YouTube suggested a Hellcat VS GT500 video to me so I thought I would pass it along.