Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Chic Flick for Your Stick Shift

A Few nights ago the girlfriend and I flipped on Netflix and I heard those dreaded words, "Can we watch a romantic comedy? Please?"  So with a sigh I agreed and she started flipping through them, each one seemly just as torturous as the next.  I went and grabbed some scotch assuming I was gonna need it.

Flip, flip, flip, WAIT! Go back.  I saw something that looked interesting.  At least there was a cool car in the thumbnail.  "Hit & Run, A Comedy That Never Takes it's Foot Off the Gas."  Honey maybe this I asked?  She read the description, "Determined to get his fiancee to L.A. to take advantage of an amazing opportunity, Charlie breaks out of the witness protection program to drive her." The genres was exciting romantic.  We were in.  The movie stars Dax Shepard and his real wife Kristen Bell.  For those that don't know Dax is a huge gear head and he wrote the damn thing so fingers crossed.

I have to admit it was pretty damn fun.  Without spoiling anything Dax drives a number of cars while running from his ex-con associates (Bradley Cooper) and a police agent (Tom Arnold). and thank god most of the movie is show on wheels.  The star vehicle is a heavily modified 1967 Lincoln which he claims is cranking out 700 hp.  I don't know but it sounds good.  There are lots of smoky doughnut and maybe the movie helps your partner understand you a tiny bit more.  She loved the movie and hell I'd even watch it again.

Overall terrible chic flick night was covertly diverted.