Saturday, June 11, 2011

Added a Tower Strut to the Mustang

Ordered a tower strut from a company called Agent 47.  Weird name but the product looks pretty good and best of all it clears the factory plenum cover.  Install went super fast and super easy however I over torqued one bolt and twisted it off.  Not sure if it's really a big deal or not.  I just paid for an alignment so I'd have to tear it all apart to fix that bolt and then have to get it aligned again.  I took it out for a spin anyway and it may have been my imagination but it did feel much tighter in the turns.

I also bought a DRL (daytime running lights) module because I'm moving to Canada and they require them.  I tried to go through the proper channels and went to my Ford dealer to have them turn them on in the computer but they said it requires a registration number from Canada before they can do it.  I thought this was a ridiculous process to go through so I just bought the aftermarket module for $38 and will do it myself.  F U Canada and FU Ford.

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