Friday, September 6, 2013

New Car Purchased

Yup, I finally got something to take place of the Mustang when the flakes start to fly.  I went for the littlest giant a 2007 Hummer H3.  In an unusual twist I hooked up with the same Hummer forum as the previous own of the H3.  Not only did they already know the rig but I connected with the previous owner and he gave me the low down on the setup.  Turns out he put a lot into it and gave me the list of everything that has been done.  The forum gallery even had pics of it in action at their gatherings.

Here is the parts breakdown as it was given to me.  

2007 H3 Luxury 3.7 L 
- Polar Bear brush guard and tail light protectors 
- GM Roof Marker lights 
- GM Undercarriage protection 
- Rough Country level kit with T-Bar tweak at 24 
-Skyjacker 7000 shocks 
- Crossed drilled rotors 
- Magnaflow exhaust 
- Trail Duty extended bump stops 
- AirDoc intake
- AFE filter 
- 315-75-16 LT Eldorado Mud Claws 
- 55 watt off road lights

So needless to say I'm extremely excited to pick it up tomorrow.  The dealer replaced the windshield because of a small chip that seemed to be starting to spider.  I think I might continue his tradition of adding stuff to it perhaps starting with rock rails.  But first things first winter can kiss my ass.

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