Friday, May 13, 2016

Traffic Cops Serve No Purpose Beyond Cash Generation

Today I’m driving to work in my huge H3, nothing special just rollin’ along with traffic.  I pop over the hill and there is a cop, I was driving with others and didn’t think much about it.  But nope he singles me out and pulls me over.  He walks up with the attitude of a bored checkout clerk, shoves the radar gun in my face and says, “You’re doing 75 km in a 50km. License and insurance.” I give him what he requested and he goes back to the car.

So I’m sitting there thinking how I was just driving to work, not bothering anyone or driving recklessly at all.  I then realize it’s all a load of shit.  These traffic cops have exactly the same job as parking enforcement, they are sent out there to generate money.  That’s it.  They tell us we broke the law but it’s a bunch of shit.  I wasn’t driving reckless, I was with others doing the same, and we we’re all just going to work.

One enjoyable thing about it was that I pulled over into a super small and busy street so his car was in the way and blocking traffic which forced him to get his crap done rather than delay me as long as he could.  So he came up to the car and said, “Here is your license and your ticket” and walked away.  He then got back in his car and did a U-turn pulling up to the intersection behind a school bus.  The light was red and I guess he didn’t want to wait so he chirp his siren and light at the school bus until it moved and ran the red light, once he got through he shut them off.  What an asshole.

There was really no point to the ticket other than to generate money.  He wasn’t serving and protecting anyone, he was just making cash for the city.  I’m glad my job isn’t that pointless. 

If someone is driving recklessly or unsafely certainly pull the guy over but to bother people just doing their daily grind to work is just bullshit.  I really didn't want to break out the radar detector just for my boring daily commute but it looks like I have to.  Yes I know they are illegal in Ontario but better than a ticket.

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