Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Matt Farah

Okay I try to be open minded.  There are different types of people in the world and not everyone is going to mesh well with your kind of thinking.  Some people you just endure.  Matt Farah is one of these people for me.

So just ignore him you say.  Well he (or someone) came up with an interesting concept.  To have normal car people meet him and allow him to aggressively drive their cars (illegally on public roads) and give an opinion of their build.  His opinions are often valid so it's interesting to see what they have crafted.

The part that really rubs me the wrong way is when he bitches about the car not having air conditioned seats or some other luxury accessory.  Air conditioning robs power.  We've had many 90+days and I think I've run the air in my Cobra once since I got it.  Matt just appears to have this air of pompous superiority that bugs the hell me.  This feeling comes exclusively from watching his videos, I mean I don't know the guy.  In them he shares his opinions and to me he represents just the worst type of car guy, the type that never gets his hands dirty, he never turns a wrench, and pays for all work done on his cars.  He just drives and critiques.  Even on his simple fox body Mustang project he had a shop do it all and handed them the cash.  So I guy it boils down to I don't care much for critics that just critique and don't create.

What sparked this post?  Today I watched a new video of his and it started with him asking people to please turn off your ad blocker and whitelist his channel. You know, do him a solid?  Matt why do you think I have an ad blocker??  I don't want to see your damn ads, why do you think you're special?  You own an Aston Martin, a Corvette, a new Focus RS, and others.  Plus you're trying to get a GT350R Mustang.  Seems your channel is doing well.

People say well that is what makes his hard work possible.  People do you think he edits his own videos?  Do you think he sets up the cameras and sound?  Hell no, like i said he just drives.  That's all.  Also I don't know if you noticed but YouTube doesn't exactly have a shortage of car review channels.  If Matt goes away, another will spring up in his place.

I was talking to a coworker about him and he said, "I honestly don't know how he even got into the field."  Neither do I man.

Okay, venting over.

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