Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Little Rant

I just wanted to rant a little about the internet’s perception or hypocrisy towards automotive videos.  I’m not going to talk about if it’s right or wrong because that is something you have already decided in your mind.  What I do want to talk about is simply how the internet responds differently to videos that are basically doing the same thing.

If you see a private person making a video of themselves doing a burnout, doing a hard pull through the gears, or challenging someone on the highway at night, the comments are always overflowing with people flaming.  They say, “Take it to a track”, “What a dumbass” “Don’t do that shit on the street”, etc etc.

However when you see Matt Farah, That Dude in Blue, or countless others blasting through public roads past people on bicycles, normal traffic, pedestrians, etc.  Watch any of the One Take videos, they are all  the same.  But nobody bats an eye, we’re all somehow fine with it because they have a YouTube channel.  I guess we consider them a professionals or something?  They aren’t, they are just like you and me.

What made me want to talk about this is watching Matt Farah’s One Take video posted today.  He is driving a car that he describes as too crazy for anyone that isn’t a professional driver.  He is rocketing past people on bicycles and at speeds that would easily land you in jail, at one point even running over a squirrel.  Not a closed course, these are public roads currently open to normal traffic, and everyone is just fine with this.

I’m not giving an opinion either way.  Speeding is a crime in the eyes of the law.  Street racing/reckless driving is a crime charged with the same amount of ferocity as drunk driving in many States.  When you purposely drive your car in this manner you know very well what you are doing just as a person stealing knows very well what they are doing.  You know you are doing something illegal.  So there is no need for commenters to spew their holier than thou BS under such videos.  Everyone involved knows what’s up.

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