Monday, May 27, 2013

The Perfect Crime!

I think I'm in the perfect situation.  My car insurance and registration is in the States and my driver's license is Canadian.  This seems to cause a lot of confusion for the Canadian police when I get pulled over. Since I've been in Canada I've been pulled over twice.

The first time I was driving down the street and some guy stepped in front of my car from a bus stop.  I saw it was a cop and he held out his hand as if telling me to stop or slow down.  Well instead I drove around him.  First of all I thought what a dumb ass stepping out in front of a speeding vehicle and secondly I saw no patrol car and thought I would be long gone before he called me in and they started looking for me.  Turns out I was wrong and he had a car stashed away. That fact pisses me off a bit because if I would have noticed he was running to his car I would have been VERY gone by the time he got going.  But I didn't notice and he hopped in it and caught up with me.  He asked me what the hell I was doing and I claimed I didn't notice he was a cop and was confused why someone was stepping in front of a moving vehicle.  I don't know if he bought it or not but my ticket was just $45 which was cheaper than any ticket I have ever gotten in my life. So I happily took it.

Then today I was pulled over again.  The officer was in the left turning lane and I was going straight so I thought he was too busy to bother with me.  Again I was wrong and he caught up and pulled me over.  He came up to my window and said, "Do you know you were doing 80km in a 50?"  I said, "Oh okay" rather blankly.  He said, "Well that's speeding."  I chuckled and said, "Yeah, I understand." He asked for license, insurance, and registration which a gave him.  He seemed rather confused by the odd cross country combo and went back to his car.  In just a few minutes he returned and gave it all back to me with a warning to slow down.  I thanked him wished him a good day.  I just got a warning for 30 over!!!

As I drove away I tried to understand what just happened.  The only thing I can think of is they don't keep a record of out of the country violations.  If they did he would have seen that just a few months ago I had been pulled over for speeding in nearly the same area.  Perhaps processing out of the country tickets might be a bigger pain to process. Also I think my tickets in Canada never reach my insurance company in the States because my rates have never changed.

It's the perfect situation!!

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