Friday, April 22, 2016

Houston's Flood VS Hummer H1

This modified Hummer H1 seems unaffected by the flooded Houston streets, even when it’s over the hood.  Modified by Search & Destroy Tactical Vehicles I was so impressed that I contacted them to see what they can do for an H3. Turns out there isn’t much.  The H1 has the diesel engine which can be waterproofed whereas the 3.7L in my H3 isn’t as flexible.

My H3 can of course get some of the cool bits like a snorkel and so forth but I'd be a little concerned that when the water gets high enough that the snorkel would be needed I'd be testing the seals on the doors for sure.  Reading the forums I guess the H3 has a great deal of waterproofing right from the factory.

Anyway check out the cool H1 in action on Houston's flooded streets.  For more info about Search & Destroy's modified vehicles check out their site.  Search & Destroy

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