Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Shelby GT500: Do I REALLY need it?

Two years ago I bought the GT500 because I wanted to replace my 2007 Mustang GT.  At the time I had the Mustang for a fun car and a Hummer H3 as a daily.  But the Mustang with just a 300 hp 4.5L wasn't all that much fun anymore.  If you read my old posts you'd see I went through quite a struggle figuring out what I wanted and finding it in my price range before I settled on the GT500.  It's now been two years and since then I've replaced the H3 with a 2017 Focus RS as my daily.  So I now have a fun car and a fun car which has left me feeling a bit weird about owning the Shelby.  Do I really need it?  No, of course not.  I guess the real question would be do I really want it?

Just the fact that I'm questioning it really means I'm not having the fun I expected to have with the Shelby.  The car is a beast.  With 662hp under your foot whenever you want it there is no lack of power.  The issue I've been encountering is when do I want that much power?  Really not that often.  Driving around on public roads on days it doesn't rain I find myself putting slowly behind traffic.  The pedal is dying to be mashed to the floor to let that supercharger whine but there is just no place to do it.  Most of the time the Shelby sits in the garage and of course it spends all winter in there under a car cover.  Meanwhile I pay insurance and the nearly $1000 a month loan.

The Focus RS on the other hand is always ready for some spirited driving in any weather.  You can really push the car to it's limits without fear that the big horsepower is going to toss you in a ditch.  The insurance is cheaper and so are the payments.  I'm starting to feel maybe the Shelby needs to find a new home.  Maybe if the Shelby is gone I could modify the RS or look to fixing up my '70 Plymouth back home.

If I was to sell the Shelby I couldn't be too flexible on the amount because the sale price needs to pay off the loan against it but looking at the local Canadian Auto Trader I believe these are in the correct range.

So what do you think?  Should I sell it?  Interested?

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