Monday, August 14, 2017

The Charlottesville Attack

American Motoring would like to extend our deepest sympathy towards the victims of the Charlottesville attack.  There is no place for this degree of hate, especially in America where we fought against a force waving the same flag in World War II.

Unless you're native American we are all immigrants to this country and regardless of who conquered who we here would truly wish that as Americans we could all be above such petty issues as race, gender, and religion.  Regardless of those differences the use of violence does not resolve them and only further closes the doors to understanding and debate.

Here at American Motoring we celebrate being an American and enjoying automotive creations from men and women of all races all over the world.  It deeply saddens us to see a vehicle used as a weapon for a Nazi white supremacist agenda.

To protest is an American right, to resort to violence over your views is an act of terrorism.

Thank you,

Chad Bordwell
American Motoring

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