Sunday, January 31, 2016

Car Wash Shortcuts

Here is a little video I took at the Petro Canada station here in Newmarket on Mulock and Cane Parkway.  Other stations don't do it which is way it stands out so strongly to me and frankly it doesn't make much sense.

You or course pay a little more in the no-touch wash includes a wax spray.  However this station skips the rinse cycle after the soap and just sprays the wax on top of the soap and rinses it all away. Much or the wax never touches your car. Other stations spray soap, then rinse, they spray wax so it actually touches your car before rinsing the wax off.

I realize in reality that spray wax doesn't do much but if it never gets a chance to touch your car it does even less, plus you're paying for it.  How much could they be saving by skipping one rinse?  Well I suppose they are saving hot water, power, and time and I'm sure it adds up.  They are being a little cheap and nobody is complaining so why stop?

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