Monday, February 15, 2016

Canadian International Auto Show

For Valentine's Day my girlfriend surprised me by taking me to the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.  It was a pretty fun time with more people than I expected for Valentine's day. Most manufactures were there showing their new wares.  I took a few shots with my phone but my girlfriend took her pro camera and took hundreds of shots which I hope she will let me post on this blog.

The Ford area had such a different vibe than the other areas at the show.  It was light, friendly, and very family oriented with games and fun stuff for kids to do.  No other manufacturer thought about kids at the show.  We didn't have kids with us but it was still a pretty smart move.  The kids played allowing the adults freedom to browse Ford products.  Bravo Ford.

Most of the cars there I expected to see like the Ford GT and the Acura NSX, which I liked way more than I thought I would.  There were a few unexpected things like a Nissan Titan Warrior concept truck that was pretty cool and the Final Edition Lancer Evolution.  Dodge disappointed me a little because I couldn't find the ridiculous Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat everyone was talking about but I really just wanted to laugh at it.

Viper ACR
For me personally the SRT Viper ACR was looking amazing and I wanted it to follow me home.  I also got to see a Pagani for real which I've never seen before.  It was the Huayra and not my favorite, the now retired Zonda but it was still incredible to see such an elegant super car.

Like I mentioned my girlfriend took lots of pics which I hope to post later.  But for now here are a few I snapped on my crappy phone.

Challenger Hellcat
Challenger Scat Pack

Ford GT
Ford GT

Pagani Huayra

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