Thursday, February 18, 2016

To Stripe or not to Stripe

My new GT500 hasn't even arrived yet and I've already been thinking of ways to make it more mine.  This is a little harder to do since it's a Shelby and modifications tend to lower the value rather than add to it.  So I think I want to stick with things that can be put back to stock if needed later.

2016 GT350R
One thing I really liked about the new GT350R vehicles is the red pinstripe following the racing stripes.  The R has the red and the regular GT350 has white.  This sounds like an easy modification. My GT500 already has the racing stripes to only the red pinstripes would be needed and then could be removed if in the future I even want to sell it.  They also make the car look like a black widow which I find pretty snazzy.

I'm unsure if this could cause any future problems such as paint fade becoming uneven in the area where the pinstripes were.  Maybe that could still affect the value?  Frankly I wouldn't remove it while I owned it so it would only be removed in the case of a future buyer not liking the look.

So I would love to hear opinions.  I know there are some black out purists out there that are crazy about black cars being all black but I'm not really one of those guys.  Do you think I shouldn't mimic the GT350R and just let the GT500 stand on it's own?  Personally I like it.  What are your thoughts?  Would you also do the GT500 side stripe with a red pin?  I think that might be too much.

Below I have created a quick and dirty Photoshop edit to compare the looks.

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