Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I’d just like to mention not being able to drive my GT500 is driving me crazy!! I’ve had it since February and haven’t been able to legally drive it yet.  Not only has it been too cold but in Canada when you bring a car from a different province you might as well be bringing it from a different planet.  Ontario at least cares nothing about the tests it has had in a different province.  So I need to get the safety inspection done again and the emission check done again.  Then when I thought I finally had everything complete the Service Ontario department says they don’t like my insurance.  So they give me a temp 10 day plate sticker.  Of course Canada being Canada the weather turns to crap and there is an ice storm during that time.

The reason they didn’t like my insurance is because Allstate gave me a temp policy to patch the time between my last car and when this new policy starts in April.  Ontario sees the temp insurance and won’t accept it.  So now I’m watching a few warm days pass by and I can’t drive it.

Whenever I'm commuting and I see someone tooling around in their summer ride I feel the frustration rising.  Soon though .... very soon.

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