Thursday, March 10, 2016

There's Yet Another Hellcat... oh Dodge, why?

Why the hell does Dodge have to Hellcat everything in their lineup?  They’ve got the Hellcat Challenger, then came the Charger, then came the Jeep Cherokee, and not they show the TrailCat Jeep concept.  They pimp out that engine to everything.  Have they never heard the saying, “If everyone is special then nobody is?”

Dodge Caliber SRT-4
This is one of the main reason I went with a GT500 instead of a Hellcat.  The Hellcat’s just aren’t as special as the Shelby’s.  Dodge does the same thing with the R/T trim.  Back in the 60s/70s R/T stood for Road and Track.  It meant a car that was just as potent on the road as it is on the track so you needed to watch out.  It was for Dodge’s big muscle cars.  But not they slap it on everything.  You could even get a Dodge Caliber R/T then later SRT.  Now it’s all just a joke and they are doing the same with their new Hellcat engine.

Ford on the other hand has said that the new flat plane Voodoo engine that’s in the GT350 Mustang will be exclusive to that vehicle and will not be found in any other model.  This makes it special and makes the cars with the engine more valuable.  The supercharged 5.8L Trinity engine in my GT500 wasn’t in anything else from Ford.  It was 662hp just for the GT500.  Classy.

UPDATE: ...and now a Hellcat Ram....of course. Shocking.

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