Thursday, June 23, 2016

2014 GT500 Miles Per Gallon

When I picked up the GT500 I was cycling through the car's menus and I found fuel economy.  This was something I didn't give a crap about, because who buys a 662 HP car for the gas mileage?  Well the menu said 9.5 miles per gallon.  I thought what the???

I guess when a car like that is at a dealership the salesmen probably take it out and beat it.  It's hard to avoid that.  So I reset the number and continued on my way.  After a few weeks of driving two or three days per weeks I went back and looked at the number.  It was 12.5 miles per gallon and I was driving nice.  I was still getting to know this monster so I was "grandpa driving" everywhere.  12.5?  Geez.  I think that is worse than my Hummer.  Ouch

The car has a 16 gallon tank and when it's really low it takes not quite $60 CAD ($47 US) to fill it up with the highest octane.  So basically I can drive to work and back twice, then I need a refill.  The 07' Mustang GT could go almost a full week with its 4.6L V8.

This week was all sun so I could have driven it every day.  But I took a few days off and drive my eco Hummer just to give my wallet a break.  lol

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