Sunday, June 5, 2016

Warning Letter From Ontario

So last week I received a letter from Ontario saying, "If you get another speeding ticket you could lose your license." I thought WHAT??  They listed my tickets and I got one speeding ticket in 2015 and then recently I got one ticket in 2016.  So just two tickets and they say I could lose my license??

Technically they said I COULD lose my license. They said each ticket is 3 points, after 9 points I could be asked to attend a review which would cost me $50 (another Ontario money grab) and they could take my license.  Then after 15 points I would lose my license without question.  So if we sift though all the scare tactics in their letter what they are really saying is that after 5 tickets I will lose my license.

They also reminded me that tickets usually lead to an increase in insurance premiums but I cleverly have removed that problem from the equation by using a US insurance company.  Fortunately Canada and the US don't talk.  So issues that happen in Canada aren't seen by my US insurance.  These keeps me immune to this problem.

Ironically both tickets were while I was driving my Hummer.  I had the bright orange Mustang GT, and now the insanely fast Shelby GT500 but I get my speeding tickets in the 5500 lb Hummer with a 5-cylinder.  I guess I must just be paying less attention when I'm just commuting to work and back.  Plus I keep a radar detector in my fast car which I do use occasionally and I have nothing in the Hummer.

Anyway, each ticket stays on your record for two years so February of next year one will be gone.  I really need to locate some place to have some fun with speed without the risk of a ticket.  Of course there are tracks but rarely do you get to have the track to yourself.  I'd feel much better getting to know my 662 hp monster if there was not risk of hitting others.  Wish me luck.

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