Thursday, June 23, 2016

2018 Ford Focus RS500 / The Grass is Always Greener

If you read my blog at all you know that last year I was going bonkers trying to get rid of my 07' Mustang GT and get anything with more power.  I was looking at GT500s, the new Mustang GT350s, Lotus, even old Panteras. But I settled on a 2014 GT500 Shelby Cobra.

I know they say the grass is always greener on the other side but almost immediately after finalizing the purchase I had buyer's remorse.  I wanted a badass monster and I got it but my gut was telling me, "You shouldn't do this."  What my gut said was trade in the Mustang GT and the Hummer H3 for a Ford Focus RS.  With all wheel drive it could be a fun everyday car that would be easier on gas and have lower monthly payments.  But no, I went for the beast that takes all the money and gas I can afford to shovel into it.

Now like with the Mustang GT350R Ford ups the options with the 2018 Focus RS500.  With an estimated 380hp it will be one mean little hatchback as the video below shows.

Now I'm not an asshole, I know I have a great car and I appreciate and respect it.  But now that the new wore off and my budget stabilized I really think I made the wrong choice.  So trade it you say?  Well the loan on the GT500 can be paid off at any time but that is of course including interest.  Right now the full loan is higher than the car's value.  Maybe once things level off it would be possible but not any time soon.  Live and learn I guess.  Next time listen to my gut more.

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