Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Dodge Power Wagon

Through the years Dodge has called some of its trucks Power Wagons.  Kind of a weird name if you think about it.  However for me personally I find these things gorgeous.  Every time I see a restored Power Wagon I drool and it seems the older they are they more I like them.  I've gathered a few shots of some of my favorites.

Dodge has attempted to create a few Power Wagon concepts over the years and slapped the Power Wagon name on a few Dodge Rams but it's never really taken off so far.

So what's sparked my sudden interest in offroad?  Well it's getting colder and my attention has turned to my Hummer.  Also Throttlextreme just posted a nice article on a Power Wagon resto.  You can check that out here... http://www.throttlextreme.com/legacy-classic-dodge-power-wagon-living-legendary-american-iron. There was even a company that made a 6x6 restomod that they allowed Jay Leno to drive.  Pretty cool and worth a look.

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