Monday, October 17, 2016

H3 LS Conversion Would Be Nice

The weather is getting colder so the GT500 has been spending more and more time in the garage.  Soon it will be put away for the winter and I'll be back to driving the Hummer full time.

So far this summer I have dropped about $4000 into the Hummer.  I had to get all new rotors and pads.  It has had a seal leak fixed.  It has had the thermostat replaced and numerous emissions issues fixed.  It also got it's GM recall taken care of so it won't go up in flames.

Things remaining are an exhaust leak that it has had since I got it.  Also there is an annoying tinny rattle that happens every time I let up on the gas.  It sounds like a loose heat shield but damn if I can find it.  It's also getting to be time for a new set up tires but I don't think any of this is happening this year.  I think $4000 is enough expense for this year.

I like my H3, I think it looks pretty badass but since I've been driving it more often I find that 3.7L 5-cylinder is a crap engine.  It claims to make 242 hp which doesn't sound bad but I can hardly keep up with traffic.  Also the 3.7 is pretty notorious for having head issues which the previous owner of my H3 already had replaced once.  The LS is a pretty bullet proof engine I hear.  I wonder if anyone has attempted an H3 LS conversion?  Then you get reliability and more power.

A quick Google search got me this video.  This guy went with an LS3 and a "hot" cam which is a bit more than what I was thinking.  I don't care about 0-60 times in a Hummer, I just want a bit more power so I can pull onto the highway without stressing.  No idea what this conversion costs but just the LS3 crate engine is about $8000 US.  So I'm not really sure there is a value there.  Once it's all in and all the modifications are made would it really be worth it??

Like I said I really like my H3, not just because I feel it looks tough but they don't make them anymore and I always love to own something that is no longer coming out with a bigger and better next generation.  I'm on the fence if this would really be worth doing in the future.  My 3.7L is super high miles so maybe this winter it will make the choice for me and die.  I sure hope not, I'd rather it be voluntary.

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