Thursday, May 29, 2014

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Hellcat

Me & my first car. 1970 Plymouth Duster 340
When I was looking for my first car I knew I wanted something with power.  Something like a muscle car.  I looked at a ’67 Pontiac GTO which was really cool but needed a lot of wiring which at the time I had no idea how to handle.  I looked at a ’69 Oldsmobile Cutlass which I really digged but it was pretty thrashed.  I had my eye on a 1970 Chevelle SS but the guy’s price was too high for me.  Then a woman at work said her husband has a project car for sale.  So I decided to go look at it with my Dad.

He opened the garage and there was a 1970 Plymouth Duster.  I wasn't very impressed.  It had a shitty yellow paint job and stripes that weren't correct to factory.  Turns out it was originally a 318 car but the guy swapped it for a 340 with a 3-speed trans on the floor.   I was thinking no thanks.  But then the guy said he would start it up.  When that 340 came to life running headers and glass packs I melted.  It had a heavenly sinister rumble and I must own it.  I paid $800 and from that point on I was a Mopar guy.  I have strayed from it a bit owning a ’68 Firebird 400 and two modern Mustang GTs but I still have the Duster.  My brother gives me crap for not following the oath of “Mopar or No Car” but I really love everything that rumbles.  Which bring me to a future car that certainly rumbles.  The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT8 “Hellcat”.

I almost bought a Challenger once.  It was Plum Crazy purple with a 440 and white interior and they wanted $5,500 for it.  My wife at the time said no way.  Now that car is worth around $55.000 and she is my ex-wife.  So when the new retro Challengers came out I was pretty excited.  They were really good looking so maybe a chance to trade in the Mustang and get back to Mopars.  But my Mustang ran circles around the heavy Challengers and I just couldn't see the point.  Even though the SRTs could beat me at a stop light it was just barely.  I decided to skip it. 

Now Dodge has announced the coming of the SRT Hellcat with supercharged 6.2 Hemi pumping out 600+
horsepower and a downright evil roar from those tuned exhaust pipes.  I could repeat everything in the videos about the Hellcat but wouldn't you rather listen to it than read about it?  So I've linked them all below.  Bottom line could this be my next car?  Could it get me to return to the Mopar camp?  I don’t know.  I need more info like 0 to 60 and ¼ mile times.  Also weight.  The current Shelby Mustang GT500 is cranking out 660 hp so the Challenger isn't out of the woods yet.  The bottom line is the price.  I’m guessing $55, 000 but if it creeps into $60,000 I’d say that is too much.

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