Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tick, tick, tick...

When it's below 50 degrees F the Mustang makes a ticking sound when idling.  It sounds like a lifter is floating.  Once it warms up out the ticking stops but this year I thought I would try to do something about it.  So as per my brother's suggestion I went and bought a bottle of Sea Foam.  He swears by the stuff.  This stuff is an engine treatment that you can add to the gas tank or the crank case.  I bought two bottles and did both. 

The next day I started up the car, let it warm up, and then drove to work.  On the way there the ticking wasn't present.  I thought, "Great at least it's quiet at the stop lights."  But then on the way home that evening the ticking was back.  So I assume the Sea Foam did nothing.

Makes me a little nervous that this happens every year, especially since the car's miles are getting up there.

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