Saturday, June 17, 2017

She Thinks I Ordered More Car Parts

A few days ago while I was at work I got a message from my girlfriend Julia telling me that I had received a box from Ford Performance.  I hadn't ordered anything so I was a little confused.  But Julia was more confused.  You see just a few day prior I have paid about $600 on window tinting and protective film for the nose of the RS.  So he was a little upset that I had obviously spent more money.  But I hadn't.

To prove to her I told her I wanted to do an unboxing video to see what's in the box.  I had a pretty good idea what it was but why not make it into a production.  Check out the video below.

So as I expected it turned out to be the RS Owner's kit from Ford.  Frankly I didn't expect to get this because I was under the assumption that the owners kit only went to first year model owners but I guess not.  As I explain in the video I find this all a little confusing.  I bought the RS as a daily driver.  The special car is my Shelby GT500 that lives in the garage but it never came with any Owner's Kit. Also the Ford is cancelling production of the Focus RS in 2018 so there will be only 3 years of RS in North America.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm pampering the wrong car.
Anyway the kit was pretty cool.  Came with a bunch of nice documentation including a glossy with my car's VIN.  It came with a Blu ray about what makes the RS special, and also a weird gearshift knob trophy plaque thing. I was a little disappointed with that.  I mean what the hell do you do with that?  I was hoping it was instead a die cast Focus RS.  Overall it was really nice to get it and also nice to show Julia that I didn't order more parts.  One argument won at least.

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