Sunday, June 11, 2017

The RS is Now Tinted and Protected

Today I dropped the Focus off at D-Works Tinting and Auto Detailing to have the clear protective film added to the front.  While I was there Mike fairly easily talked me into getting the windows tinted too.  I've been thinking of getting that done so I took the plunge with a fairly dark tint.  I said, "I want it dark but I don't want the cops harassing me about it."  The one he suggested was what he described as the most popular.  I think it looks pretty bad ass.

I really should have taken it to get the protective film added much sooner because there are already several spots that had chips.  Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done about it and the film kind of accentuates them.  But hopefully future ones will be harmlessly deflected away.

The Focus looks so tough with that dark tint I'd really like to get it done to the Shelby as well but I think this concludes my car additions for the summer.

Thanks to D-Works for the great job. Check out the link to see some other examples of their work.
 D-Works Auto Tint and Detailing

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